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Mesa Concepts is comprised of the top design / build culinary food service experts in the field.  While a relatively new company, our team has a combined experience of nearly 75 years of building, planning and culinary design earning Mesa Concepts a reputation as the restaurant design firm for the future.

What separates Mesa Concepts is that our lead designer is also the Executive Chef in one of NYC’s most highly sought destination restaurants, Rock Center Café’s Chef Antonio Prontelli.  Chef Antonio brings a unique set of qualifications and insight that most design / build companies do not.

Working in New York City kitchens present some of the most challenging areas a restaurateur could face.  Designing a kitchen capable of serving thousands of covers daily within the tightest of quarters is an art form in itself.  What’s more, Chef Antonio is not only a chef… he’s also an executive responsible for running the day to day operations of the business.  We take additional considerations for the ergonomics, space and maximum efficiencies contribute to a successful design.

It is this fusion of proper restaurant design and detailed understanding of how to properly meet our clients business needs that gives Mesa Concept the unique prospective and insight necessary to ensure our clients long term success.

Our design team will review your project concept, menu ideas and long range plans.  We then offer recommendations based on current industry trends, demographics and the information you provided that best match your needs.

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Who Knows What Your Restaurant Needs Better Than a Celebrity Chef?

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Mesa Concepts considers it a privilege to bring our clients dreams to life… and to be a part of the memories in the lives of their patrons; becoming a part of each ones memory which will live with them for a lifetime.

Who Knows What Your Restaurant Needs Better Than a Celebrity Chef?

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